Using my background in Interior & Graphic design I strive to create balance and visual interest in all of my projects. Communication and a true understanding for the purpose of each project is the key to creating a beautifully functional space. Brainstorming and collaborating with clients and creative colleagues, is invaluable to the progression of each project. I am constantly pushing the envelope, using great organizational and problem solving skills to create opportunities to explore design in new ways. Always keeping my clients desires and purpose in mind, my goal is to exceed expectations and show my clients how fun and rewarding design can be.

My Story

From the beginning I have been drawn to interesting spaces as I child I can tell you the architecture and design that left impressions. After high school where I dabbled in a wide variety of the arts. I naturally went to study art at our local College after receiving a degree in commercial arts I went to further my education with a focus on interior design at FIT. Over the years I have had the privilege to work with many talented minds; by pulling lessons from all areas of expertise my ever-evolving education goes further than FIT. For two years I studied under a seasoned interior designer learning the in's and out's of the high-end residential design. After that I spent a year at a construction company expanding my knowledge of the construction side of design, guiding clients through the products and material selections that customised their projects. From there I worked at Stickley selling high end furniture learning about construction techniques and more hands on Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment needed for detailed design work. Currently, I am a full-time designer for Rylex Custom Cabinetry & Closets along with designing for my personal clients through Janelle Designs.

The details are not the details, they make the design
— Charles Eames